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3 Types of Garage Doors

3 Types of Garage Doors
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It can be very hard to decide which type of garage door opener you’d like to purchase. All three of the major types have enormous advantages over each other. The three types are: belt drive, chain drive and screw drive openers. Opener makers usually produce every single type so as to increase their market share. It is quite incredible how no company has reached the dominance in one of the types. This shows the high competitiveness of the market, which is bound to lead to cheaper prices and higher quality products.

Advantages of Each Opener

3 Types of Garage Doors

Belt drive opener sales have been rising steadily since modern technology allowed it to become more efficient than ever before. They have the lowest level of noise and are often preferred in houses with little children. It also requires less lubrication than the other two types. While they are not cheap, screw drive openers are still the most expensive of the three. They are also the easiest to handle for any DIY addicts. They have the simplest structure and rotate a threaded metal rod to move the door. Its structure differs from the other 2 that are used for similar tasks but with different materials.  Chain drive openers use metal chains to pull or push the door. They are extremely reliable and very affordable. Currently, most American homeowners own chain drive openers, although the lead used to be much more significant in the past.

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