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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Exceptional garage door service at a fair price
I called the door specialists at garage door repair company in Houston for an emergency service. I was locked inside my garage the other day and already late for work. I called and informed them about my dilemma. They came right away and helped me get the car out of the garage. They told me what was wrong with the door and the best possible solutions to correct it. They worked fast and cleaned up after completing the task. They charged me a fair price for their high quality emergency service. My door is working smoothly now.


Thorough garage door cable repair service
I got in touch with this company last month as the door cables had to be replaced. I am not a technical person, so I do not know how to do it. I opted to call the professionals at garage door repair company in Houston. Their technicians took time in explaining everything to me. They answered all my questions and were very considerate although they knew my technical knowledge and skills. They worked fast and were able to resolve the issue with the cables in just 30 minutes. They charged me quite fairly too. I am so glad that I found this company. I am definitely hiring them again in case I need door repair services.

Excellent garage door opener service
I was definitely impressed with the service offered by the professionals at garage door repair company in Houston. Their technicians were honest and efficient. When I called them about the issue with my opener, the person on the phone told me the possible causes and solutions. He said he could send over someone to inspect it. The service charge was reasonable. The technician who came was very honest and thorough. He explained everything and I was impressed at how much he knew. I will recommend them to all who need fast and reliable repair services.

Professional garage door panel replacement service
I just want to thank the experts at garage door repair company in Houston for their efficient and honest service. I called several companies before, but most of them tried to rip me off. It is a relief to know that this company exists. They offered a fair price for the services I needed. When their technicians came, they inspected the door and they found out that it needed more work than what was previously expected. They got to work right away. I thought they were going to increase the charge since the panels had to be replaced. However, I was charged the original quote. I am definitely going to use their service in the future!

Extension springs work fine now
I don't know what was wrong with the garage door but I called Garage Door Repair Houston anyhow. The tech came over later that morning and found a problem with the garage door springs. One of the extension springs was loose and he quickly adjusted it. The whole service didn't last for long and the problem was fixed 100%. The greatest news for me was that the cost was trivial and the technician arrived superfast. These things were important to me! I probably avoided an accident. So, I thank them dearly.

I thought I needed the entire garage door replaced. I got your contact from the business directory and called your...

Posted by Janet Schaufler on Friday, January 29, 2016

The door would go up, but won't stay there. A neighbor said this company has garage door experts. We called. The pro...

Posted by Louis Burchett on Thursday, March 31, 2016


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