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Extending the Life of Garage Door Clickers

Extending the Life of Garage Door Clickers
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Just imagine what will happen if the garage opener remote gets damaged, broken or lost. You will have to lift the door manually from the outside or get inside the garage through the side door to access the wall button. Both options are extremely inconvenient. At the same time, the risk of damage, breakage and loss is high due to the compact size of the accessory and the fact that you take it everywhere with you. Given all this, it makes sense to take the necessary measures for protecting the device.Garage Door Remote Clicker 24/7 Services

Effective Prevention of Damage

You should never leave the garage door clicker in places where it can easily get broken due to physical impact. The list of such places includes the seats of the car and the kitchen countertop. You have to keep the device away from children not only because they can damage it, but because they can get hurt by playing with the unit around the door.

It may go without saying, but you should never touch the unit with greasy fingers or place it near a cup of hot coffee either in the car or inside the house. Even if you try to keep it safe, the device can still get dirty. After all, remote controls are used daily. That is why you need to clean the accessory properly as part of garage door maintenance.

The cleaning of the remote involves removal of dirt and grime stuck between the buttons and the plastic cover. For this, you need to use a sharp thin object. If a toothpick is too thick, you can try with a piece of paper which is fairly firm. The buttons and the plastic body of the unit can be cleaned with white vinegar or alcohol. It is best if you clean the battery compartment as well. Both vinegar and alcohol can be used for removing rust from the battery contacts. Our specialists in garage door repair Houston explain that with basic care, the remote will work more effectively in addition to remaining strong and durable.

Preventing Remote Control Loss

It is easy to lose a garage door opener transmitter given that it is small and that you carry it around with you all the time. The best way to prevent loss is to keep the unit on a keychain which stays in your bag. You can keep it in a special compartment of the bag for lowering the risk of further loss and for greater convenience as well. You should never leave it in the car.

Use all of these measures for protecting your garage motor remote.

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