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Garage doors are very large and heavy with dozens of moving parts that can easily fall out of adjustment. When this happens, your door can begin to make unusual noises or become harder and harder to lift and lower. Check out our FAQ page for answers to most common garage door repair problems, or give our qualified technicians a call.

How to ensure safety of my garage door?

While garage doors perform their normal functions of opening and closing, it does not necessarily indicate that they are safe. New sensor fitted garage doors have the ability to sense, if a child comes in the way of a closing door and halt it midway. There are several other safety features like keypads that ensure safe use of the garage door.

How can I check for obstacles in the sensors?

Sensors are safety devices present in garage doors to prevent injuries to people, when they accidentally operate the door, while someone is present in the way. The sensors should be able to see each other to work properly. Sometimes debris or other obstacles may block the sensors and prevent the door from opening or closing. Ensure the sensors face each other, before you call a specialist from Garage door repair Texas.

When should I lubricate my garage door?

Normally we would do this for you as part of our regular monthly or annual maintenance work. However, you also need to look at the garage door and listen to it when opening or closing. The moment that there are signs of resistance or screeching, we will lubricate the hinges and joints.

Can I install my garage door opener by myself?

It isn’t recommended that anyone without the proper training, install their own garage door opener or any other parts of the garage door. It has many moving parts and if not handled correctly, could cause harm. Your opener is motorized and can be dangerous.

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