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Is your Door Chewing through your Bills?

Is your Door Chewing through your Bills?
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A functioning garage door is a great addition to your home. They provide an unprecedented level of convenience with regards to coming and going, and can even boost your home’s security efforts. But should it not be maintained properly, or any of its parts should fail, your system can go from being beneficial to something that ends up costing you money. This is because damages may force your system to overcompensate to keep up, meaning that it will use far more power than would typically be allotted to it. So if your power bills have been higher than usual of late, it could be your automated system that is to blame.

Is your opener costing you money?

Is your Door Chewing through your Bills?Door openers require the use of power to operate, hence they are electric, a fact which normally shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, if something in the system is acting up, it could cause the opener to burn through its resources, resulting in a rise of power bills. Keep your expenses low by conducting regular maintenance and inspections on your opener to ensure that it is working correctly. If your system is operating with too much noise, it could be a warning sign or a cry for help on its part, and it would be in the best interest of your finances to have it seen-to soon.

The sum of all parts

But automatic systems are not just made up of openers and doors. There are many other components whose condition will directly affect the performance and power consumption of your system. Receivers, tracks and even springs all play a role in your setups performance, and when one component starts to show trouble, it could mean an overall issue for the rest of it. This may lead it to require more resources than normal to operate effectively, costing you money on electricity. Remember to perform regular lubrication maintenance on all moving parts in your setup to avoid this happening.

So if you have been wondering where all of those extra digit on your power bill is coming from, then perhaps it is time to enlist in the services of a garage door service provider who knows how to get it operating properly again. You’d be surprised at the difference it will make to your monthly expenses.

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